kitchen cabinets

We’ve built our line of products to offer you the ideal cabinetry for you home, combining functionality, storage space, quality standards and design appeal. 

With our products you can create an astonishing looking kitchen and worry-free room as years go by, something only solid wood cabinets provide.

    • All wood cabinetry: Solid Maple Wood Doors and Drawers.
    • Three layer painting, colors of cabinets matching inside-out.
    • Plywood Box Construction:
      •  Cabinet side, top and bottom built using 5/8″ plywood.
      • Cabinet back panel constructed of 5/8″ plywood.
      • Shelves are made with 3/4″ plywood providing excellent strength.
      • Drawer box built using 5/8″ hardwood sides and ends with a 3/8″ plywood bottom.
    • Steal built and soft-Closing Hinges and Glides.
    • Ready-To-Assemble (RTA).
    • Low Prices / High Quality.

If you have a project that may require different specification please contact us here.

Here are the door styles available in our line of products. 

If you have a project that may require a different door style or specification please contact us here.

Shaker Panel Doors

Shaker panel doors are the ones with recessed panels in the center, they are always flat and attached to the square edges. Usually the style you choose for you cabinets when you want a modern design.

This is the option that allows you to have glass center panel showing inside the cabinets. Being the best choice to use on double stacked cabinets where the top units have LED lamps installed inside to add style to your design.

Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors are the ones with the center portion of it slightly raised and above its edges.

It can be used for both modern and classic designs, being the modern trend to use dark colors on the base and white ones at the walls. Or as the classic and always stylish single-color projects.


Choosing your wall cabinets height 

You can choose 30 inches high or 39 inches high cabinets, your choice will influence on the storage space you have and the general appearance of your project. But the main point of how to choose is the size of walls and the finishes you want.

Wall height

You need to have a minimum of 18 inches from the top of the counter-tops to the bottom of the wall cabinets. This way your walls need to be a minimal 93 inches high to use 39 inches cabinets.

Crown moulding

The decorations used for better finish is also a common technique to lift the space and gives the impression of a higher ceiling. As its size is 2.5 inches consider the extra space to choose the right cabinets.

Check here our complete line of products.

Bathroom Vanities

Solid wood cabinetry for all bathroom styles, sizes and needs. Available for single or double sinks, the standard height of 31.5in and widths: 24in, 36in, 39in, 42in, 45in, 48in, 51in, 54in, 60in, 63in, 66in, 69in, 72in, 75in, 78in, 81in, 84in, 87in and 90in.