None of our cabinets are made of particle board.

No, the back of the cabinets are not finished, if you want to use it in you island or any or other purposes you will need to buy and install a panel that matches the face, frames and doors finishing.

Yes, the doors are reversible. It can be installed to open from left or right side.

Yes, Cowry’s cabinet lines are more than strong enough to hold granite or concrete countertops.

All of the cabinets are finished inside, matching the door colors.

Yes, the sides of the cabinets are finished to match the face frames, inside and doors.

Every store/showroom have different open hours, check in here: www.cowry.com/find-stores-and-hours/

No, we sell only kitchen sets and bundles.

Yes, we carry an inventory of replacement parts, but it depends on what you are looking for. Please contact customer service: info@cowry.com or toll free +1 888 913 1358

Please call customer service if you need to make any changes to your order: info@cowry.com or toll free +1 888 913 1358

Yes, you can pick up the products in our main warehouse or any of the designated locations that you can find here: www.cowry.com/delivery-and-pickup/

Yes, you can pick up the products in one of the designated locations that you can find here: www.cowry.com/delivery-and-pickup/

Yes, you can hire the installation service in the App or website. If you are out of the service zone please contact customer service and we will help you find a contractor: info@cowry.com or toll free +1 888 913 1358

Some people do, but most people don’t. It is really simple to assemble them and doesn’t require any experience, check how to assemble cabinets here: www.cowry.com/how-to-assemble-cabinets/

All of the cabinets and vanities come with a piece of toe kick, but most people like to create a uniform look across the front to hide the seams where the cabinets connect. For that, you will need to buy additional toe kick.

All of the styles and finishes we sell are listed on the website.

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on the cabinets. The terms and conditions can be found here: www.cowry.com/warranty/

We keep our prices as low as possible, but some promotions come up from time to time subscribe to our newsletter, or check our social media to get coupons. Instagram Facebook (insert links)

Yes, you can find more information here: www.cowry.com/installation-and-services/

Yes we sell a wide variety of knobs and pulls for the cabinets

All base cabinets for kitchens are 24″

All base cabinets are 21.5″

All base cabinets for kitchens are 12″

All base cabinets are 31.5″

All base cabinets are 34.5″

You can choose 30″ or 39″ depending on your ceiling height as well. Be certain that you have at least 18″ from the countertop to the base of wall cabinet.

Your products will be processed and ready to be shipped or pickup in one business day after payment.

All of the kitchen cabinet lines have universal doors, which can be switched from left to right hinged depending on what you need

We can not make custom sizes. That is one of the key factor to keep our prices down, using our app and design tool on website to insert the measurements of your kitchen and get the best cabinet fit for your space.

Yes, if you buy the installation services with your cabinets in our app or website you get free delivery, done by the installation team. Find more information here: www.cowry.com/delivery-and-pickup/

Dovetailing is a method of assembly to drawers. It offers a stronger bond to the solid wood construction while making it easy to assemble as it does not require nails or screws.

RTA Cabinets or Ready To Assemble Cabinets, they are built in standart spects and high quantity making it the better alternative to high priced, custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

To avoid changing plumbling, the first option, you can create a false drawer by not using the drawer box and only it’s face, giving space for the plumbling.

RTA stands for ready-to-assemble. The cabinets have included itens and pre-made holes that create assemble methods that are easier to install than traditional cabinets.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, please check all the details and contitions at www.cowry.com/warranty/

We accept Visa and Mastercard online and debit in our showrooms. If you need more information about payment, please contact info@cowry.com or toll free +1 888 913 1358

What hours are you open?

A refrigerator panel is used for the sides of a refrigerator to box it in and create a custom, built in look.

We have several showrooms that you can check the products, please find here: www.cowry.com/find-stores-and-hours/

High volume of purchases gets our costs down, this allows us to offer lowers prices. And also we eliminate the middle men, selling for wholesale price that can be 30% to 60% lower than big box stores.